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Notice: This plugin is currently unavailable while I finish migrating the site to a new platform and updating the plugin to work with newer versions of NopCommerce.  Please check back soon!  Fill out the contact form if you would like to be directly notified.

Supported Platforms:  NopCommerce 3.3, NopCommerce 3.4

Trial Tracker is a plugin that allows you to require customers to provide a name and email before they can download any trial products.  This can be used by you for conversion optimization, analytics, mailing list generation, product trials, and other purposes.  Trial Tracker replaces one of the standard NopCommerce interfaces – after the plugin is installed, when users click on the “Download Trial” button they are first presented with a pop up to fill in their information rather than directly receiving the download.  After they submit correctly formatted information, the pop up returns their download link.

Here you can see a screenshot of what it looks like to the customer when they click “Download Trial”.  The pop up does include form validation to make sure users enter correctly formatted information, but it does not send a confirmation link to their email. This feature may be added in a later update.

Trial Tracker Download Pop Up


After you download Trial Tracker, unzip the proper version to the folder Presentation -> Nop.Web -> Plugins.  After you have done this, head over to your Admin area in your NopCommerce site.  Go to Configuration -> Plugins and scroll down until you see Trial Tracker.  Click Install to set up the plugin.

Install Trial Tracker

After Trial Tracker installs successfully, you should now see a link to its management page along your main navigation bar at the top of the Admin area under Plugins -> Trial Tracker.  Let’s take a look at the management page.

Trial Tracker Management

In the screenshot above, two people have filled out the Trial Download pop up, so both of them appear in the Trial Tracker list.  If you click edit, you can change some of the information they entered.  Generally speaking you will probably leave this alone, but the option is there if for some reason you want to change something.  If you do try to change info, it must be entered in the same format as the column or it tell you an error has occurred when you try to save.

The most interesting option is the setting “On Mailing List”.  If you click Edit and then change this to true, the user will be auto added to your NopCommerce Newsletter subscribers so you can begin emailing them.

An important thing to note –  you can also check the box above the grid display to auto add new entries to the mailing list. As long as this button is checked, anyone who fills out the pop up form will be added to both your Newsletter subscription list as well as your Trial Tracker list.  If later you decide you don’t want them on the Newsletter list, just delete them from the Newsletter Subscribers management page or change “On Mailing List” to false on the Trial Tracker list. Basically, the two lists will keep in sync with one another.  Deleting an entry from the Trial Tracker list does not delete the corresponding Newsletter Subscriber – this is by design to allow you to keep the data in the two lists separate while still allowing some level of synchronization.

Below is a screenshot of the Newsletter Subscribers list that comes with NopCommerce – I changed one of the entry’s “On Mailing List” setting to true, so you can see they now appear in the Newsletter list.

Newsletter listI hope you find value in this plugin – enjoy!  Please leave feedback in the comments below.

Happy Shopping!

Last modified: August 31, 2014