Orchard 1.8.1 released!

Orchard 1.8.1 was released today!  I have been eager for this release due to a number of annoying bugs in 1.8.  Overall I thought 1.8 was a great step for Orchard but I have a couple sites waiting to upgrade due to these bugs.

Most notably for me, the following bugs have been fixed:

Caching errors – This would cause problems with form validation – messages would not be displayed on postback because Orchard was serving up a cached version.  The flag to tell Orchard not to show a cached version on postback is now working again.

Lists are now working properly – the issues with paging and disappearing lists in the Admin area should now be resolved.

Media gallery issues – images not displaying due to characters and some other small points have been fixed.

Overall 1.8.1 doesn’t bring a lot of new functionality but it cleans up some of the great features of 1.8.  It feels mostly like a bug patch, but that makes sense for a minor release.

You can see the full release report and bug fix list below.  Did any of these bugs cause issues for you?

Check it out here.