Free NopCommerce Slider Plugin! Check out Mega Slider, my latest pet project.

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Notice: This plugin is currently unavailable while I finish migrating the site to a new platform and updating the plugin to work with newer versions of NopCommerce.  Please check back soon!  Fill out the contact form if you would like to be directly notified.

My first NopCommerce product – Mega Slider – has been released!  This was a fun product to create and I spent a lot of time on it.  It basically allows you to create content/image sliders for your NopCommerce site and place them almost anywhere you want.  I will probably be creating a tutorial soon to provide a general idea of how to build something like this.  I learned a lot from this project, particularly how to manage image uploads and the new Kendo UI in NopCommerce 3.3. The plugin includes a number of great features and customizeable settings, including:

  • Transition Time
  • Slider Cycling
  • Pause on Hover
  • Two User Control Modes (“Classic” and Panel)
  • Active Color Setting
  • Captions (Title and Description)
  • Custom Display Order
  • Assign to any zone (only supports default NopCommerce zones)
  • Full Localization Support
  • Ajax Admin functionality
  • Responsive Design

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Last modified: May 5, 2014