Streaming Authenticated Video with Amazon Web Services and .NET

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Welcome! This post is designed to alleviate much of the confusion surrounding AWS video streaming, specifically with .NET applications. If you are looking for a complete guide to setting up authenticated streaming for both HTML 5 and Flash from start to finish, this is the place to be. If you are already familiar with AWS, hopefully there will be a few helpful tips along the way.

Note: AWS does feature some fairly helpful tutorials on their own site for setting up basic, public video streaming. However, setting up fully authenticated video with .NET is another story, and a lot of the information out there is fragmented and confusing.

This tutorial is available as both a video and as a written tutorial.

Download PDF version by clicking here.

The contents of the PDF are broken down by section, whereas the video is one segment. The two are almost identical in content, though they may not be organized quite the same. Here are the approximate time marks for each section of the video if you are interested in jumping around:

Setting up a solution for testing: 00:00

Creating the buckets and uploading our resources: 3:00

Adding Distributions and an Origin Access Identity: 6:08

Generating a properly formatted private key and policy for signed urls: 10:50

Generating Signed URLs: 20:05

Adding flash fallback and alternate video formats: 27:53

Check out the full video below:

Last modified: December 10, 2013